Friday, January 4, 2008

Rough Draft Finished

For those of you wondering: We did finish the first draft of the book by the end of 2007. Now it's time to re-read and revise our structure and our content.

The first draft followed our original outline, but several themes and ideas have become apparent that must be explained and dealt with before we jump into what we already have. We have also found that many of our ideas are simply not clear enough, or glossed over, and need to be rehashed.

So it's "back to the drawing board". Unfortunately, I'm really bad at editing my own writing. Thus, Jason is at the helm for the moment and I'm bracing myself for the rewrites. I typically respond poorly to constructive corrections, so this will we hard--what do you mean it wasn't perfect the first time?!



Grateful for Grace said...

Luke, What is a Christian porn site???

Luke said... is a site dedicated to helping people struggling with pornography addictions, as well as those who are in the porn industry. I think they do really good work. They go to some of the major porn conventions and talk to people hand hand out "Jesus Loves Porn Stars" Bibles. They also have a free internet filter, support and prayer groups. That kind of thing.

Is that clearer?


Cotton Blossom said...

Really hoping this project hasn't been shelved.
So who is going to write the women's counterpart? You know...why we even put on the bikini in the first place. I know why I did, and I'm sure that Jesus would have been able to get right to the heart of the issue, just as you said.

JessD said...

Luke, is this project ongoing? Where are you?

Luke said...

We are still wrestling with a new outline that is based on a better focus/approach to the ideas. But it's hard [smile].